Autumn Shironuri Demon Tutorial

It had been way too long since I last uploaded a makeup tutorial (not counting the one I did for Bat Babes), so I’m glad I can finally show you a new video. It’s been more than a year since I uploaded my Shironuri Flower Demon to YouTube; a modern, spring-ish floral take on the art of Shironuri (which translates to ‘painted in white’) makeup. Inspired by the Japanese street style icon and artist Minori I decided to create my own look in this sort of fashion and I’m happy I could do it again. This time I created an autumn-inspired look with moss, branches and leaves.



I chose for strong contrasts; the dark burgundy and black against the white and the clean white lenses against the earthy, organic moss. The black glitter on the spiderweb lashes reminds me a bit of morning dew.



For a perfect white base I used Ben Nye’s ‘Clown White’, topped off with Manic Panic’s Virgin Pressed White Powder.



The handpainted details of the branches and the leaves take up a lot of focus and energy, but with some practice and a lot of patience it can turn out beautiful. I used my Grimas water activated body paint palette to mix up the warm autumn colors that I needed. You can watch the tutorial below, don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe!



A special thanks to my dear friend Hysteria Machine, who made this headpiece for me. I can’t stress this enough, but her creations are amazing. They’re sturdy, comfortable and above all they are absolutely stunning. Make sure to check her out on facebook and Etsy.


Happy holidays and a happy new year!

See you soon ♥



Burtonesque Victorian Vampire

This weeks subject on the Bat Babes channel was to do a Halloween tutorial. I tried to come up with something simple, but I’m horrible at keeping things simple, so I ended up doing a full makeup tutorial and even a hair tutorial. My inspiration for this look was Tim Burton’s style, a mixture of Dark Shadows and other style elements in his movies and drawings. I wanted to keep it rather realistic, but still very artistic.

Vampires have always been my favorite kind of creature to dress up as, and the possibilities are endless. You can go modern or classic or cartoonish, they’re always fun. Since I really love historic costumes I decided to make this a Victorian vampire. But the makeup look itself could also be used for a modern day vampire version of yourself for example!



My DesioEyes lenses in ‘Innocent White’ worked really well with this look, since they look really intense and yet still very natural too. They blend nicely into my natural eyecolor, as most lenses have a very defined edge towards the inner part of the iris. These lenses are also very comfortable and since I’m actually supposed to wear glasses it’s a nice extra that these come with power too (for free I might add!). Definitely recommend this brand!




For the eyes I mainly used

  • MAC cosmetics Nightmoth lipliner
  • Catrice Berrytale Matte eyeshadow – a matte taupe-ish color with a purple undertone
  • MAC cosmetics Deep Damson eyeshadow – a dark purplish red color which shows up purple on a more cooltone base.
  • Sugarpill Poison Plum eyeshadow from the Burning Heart palette – an extremely vibrant purple to brighten it all up
  • Makeup Forever eyeshadow in a dark brown
  • Stargazer white eyeshadow
  • Kryolan Glamour Sparks in silver – a super shimmery, sparkly pigment with tiny silver glitter
  • Realtechniques base shadow brush and accent brush
  • Zoeva pencil brush


  • Kiko precision eye pencil in dark blue
  • Sephora dark blue eyeshadow on my Zoeva wing liner brush





For my face I used a mixture of MAC’s Pro Longwear nourishing waterproof foundation and Illamasqua’s Rich Liquid foundation in white, these two foundations blend beautifully and I actually even use this mixture sometimes for the highlights when I contour my face! (With just a tiny bit of the white foundation mixed in ofcourse.) To set it all I used the Manic Panic pressed white powder.

To contour I used my Zoeva sheer cheek brush and the Catrice Berrytale eyeshadow I mentioned before. My nose is also contoured with a light grey eyeshadow by Barry M. For my highlight I used ‘Over the Moon’, a silver eyeshadow from the new H&M cosmetics line. I am obsessed with these eyeshadows, they are so pigmented and beautiful, I just want to buy all of them!




This beautiful necklace is by the ever so lovely Hysteria Machine it’s a black lacey piece with a little replica of a bat skull framed with baroque elements. Her pieces are always beautifully crafted and very sturdy too, and this piece made the perfect accent for my costume.



Feel free to share this tutorial and if you would recreate this look do send me pictures or tag them #kikamacabre on instagram so I can see them!




See you soon ♥

Nude Dude palette by The Balm

Hello lovelies! ♥

I personally don’t own many nude-ish kinds of eyeshadows yet, let alone eyeshadow palettes. I really liked the look of the TheBalm Nude Tude palette with the pinup girls whose bits were covered up by the eyeshadows, but I never got around to buying it. But when I saw a local beautystore was having some nice discounts on the full TheBalm makeup line, I just couldn’t help myself and I cracked. I ended up buying the Nude Dude palette, which has, as you might be able to detract from the name, guys instead of girls on the inside (also with their bits covered up by eyeshadows). I personally like the aesthetic of the girls more but the guys one is just so hilarious! (and I preferred the colors of the second palette.)


The packaging is so lush, I just love vintage inspired things!


‘Get a quick look…’

At naked dudes!




I absolutely loooove Flirty, it’s a beautiful shade of pink with a purplish undertone and a gold shimmery highlight in it. Firm also has a nice golden/bronze shimmer in it and Fierce is pretty sparkly too, which for some reason doesn’t show up in this photo. Friendly, Flawless and Fearless are matte eyeshadows. I was kind of dissapointed in Friendly as I thought it would be this lush deep purple, kinda like an eggplant, but it has a bit of a brown tone in there which makes it look a bit more dull to me. However when I mixed in a tiny bit of Poison Plum eyeshadow from the Burning Heart palette by Sugarpill it became that lush color I hoped for. Fearless barely shows up on my pale skin but I don’t really expect any light color other than white to show up on my skin.




These are the kind of tones I have almost no experience with! I am however sure they will pair up beautifully with my brown-green eyes. One half is matte and the other three are shimmery shadows. They all look very lovely and bright.


I decided to take some of these for a test run and I ended up doing the following eye look.



I used Flirty on my lids, Fabulous on my inner corners and I made a cut crease using the Nightmoth lipliner by MAC cosmetics, overlayed with Friendly (mixed with the tiniest bit of Poison Plum by Sugarpill) which I blended out using a grey BarryM eyeshadow from the Natural Glow 2 palette. I finished off the look with mascara, false lashes and the same liquid eyeliner I always use; Liquid Ink by Essence.



I hope you enjoyed this review post of the Nude Dude palette by The Balm.


See you soon ♥